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Need for speed undercover

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Written by  13 November 2011 100948 comments
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NFS undercover is a racing game made by electronic arts. In the game you play a undercover policeman that must take on dangerous jobs too infiltrate the illegal street racers and car thieves that are in the city. You must prove yourself inorder to do this and the game is based on racing with other cars and earning street cred along the way.

I had alot of fun by doing this and got really cool cars after awhile, but it took alot of time too do this so i looked around on the internet for a trainer that could do this, it took alot of time to find one that was any good at all, and i looked through a few.

But when i got it i unlocked all the cars, got unlimited cash and unlimited nitrous. The game had never been more fun, so i cranked the nitrous and went and upgraded my car with all the parts that i had just unlocked with the trainer. But the best part was that it also had a option that made you get rid of cops if they were bothering me, so i didnt have to worry about them, this trainer did it all.

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